The Composable Expedition: A Journey of Challenges, Rewards, and Innovation

2 min readNov 24, 2023


Greetings, fellow explorers of the blockchain frontier! The time has come to set sail on a groundbreaking adventure — the launch of The Composable Expedition! Brace yourselves for a journey that promises excitement, challenges, and a treasure trove of rewards. This expedition unfolds in two thrilling phases: the Picasso Pioneer Testnet Phase and the Mainnet Squads Phase.

🚀 Phase 1 — Picasso Pioneers: Testnet Adventure

Our expedition begins today, November 14, with the Picasso Pioneer Testnet Phase. This phase is dedicated to testing the extension of IBC to Ethereum — a pivotal step towards unlocking new possibilities in the blockchain realm. The Testnet Phase will span approximately 6 weeks, during which participants, known as Picasso Pioneers, will engage in a myriad of testnet missions.

What to Expect in Phase 1:

  • Dynamic Missions: Dive into a variety of on-chain and off-chain tasks, earning $PICA rewards as you navigate challenges and climb the ranks.
  • Competitions & Teams: Initially, Picasso Pioneers embark on solo missions. However, in Phase 2, Mainnet Squads, you can create or join teams to amplify your impact and win collective rewards.
  • Exclusive NFTs: Throughout the expedition, unlock exclusive NFTs that seamlessly blend prestige and utility.
  • Referral Incentives: Extend the invitation to your friends and earn a rewards boost — 5% of $PICA earned from missions by your referrals.
  • Airdrops: Stay active and claim $PICA, unlocking the potential to receive $LAYR in the future.

Top 10 Leaderboard Bonus:

As Picasso Pioneers conquer the challenges of Phase 1, a leaderboard will track individual accomplishments. The Top 10 users on the leaderboard will receive a 5% rewards bonus for Phase 2: Mainnet Squads. So, the more you engage now, the greater your advantage in the next phase!

Referrals — Amplify Your Rewards:

Invite your network to join the expedition, support their progress, and earn a bonus as they succeed. Every referral you make opens up an opportunity for ongoing rewards — 5% of your referrals’ rewards throughout the campaign.

Missions — Forge Your Path:

Complete on-chain and off-chain tasks, contribute to social and network growth, and earn rewards. Engage in a variety of missions, each offering distinct levels of complexity and corresponding rewards. Stay updated on new missions by following Composable and Blocked.

Missions can range from one-off tasks to recurring daily and weekly challenges. Visit Blocked for continuous updates on new missions and opportunities to earn rewards.

As we set sail into uncharted territories, The Composable Expedition beckons you to become a Picasso Pioneer and shape the future of blockchain innovation. Unleash your creativity, conquer challenges, and secure your place in the blockchain hall of fame.

Are you ready to compose your own destiny? Join The Composable Expedition now and let the adventure begin! ⚓🌐✨