Quicksilver — Empowering the Interchain Ecosystem

2 min readJan 3, 2024


Quicksilver Protocol: Introducing Quicksilver, a permissionless, sovereign Cosmos SDK zone revolutionizing liquid staking for the entire Interchain ecosystem. Built on Cosmos SDK, it offers a robust framework for liquid staking across IBC-enabled chains.

IBC-Enabled Liquid Staking: Quicksilver Protocol enables delegators to stake assets against any validator on IBC-enabled chains. Delegators, in return, receive derivative vouchers representing their staking positions. This approach scales across the entire network, enhancing capital efficiency while preserving governance rights.

Interchain Liquid Staking: Quicksilver, designed using Cosmos SDK, provides Interchain Liquid Staking that seamlessly scales to all validators connected through IBC. This breakthrough maintains user governance rights, maximizing liquidity and capital efficiency while enhancing network security and decentralization.

qAsset Vouchers: Quicksilver users receive qAsset vouchers, representing their staked assets. These vouchers can be seamlessly utilized in various DeFi protocols, expanding the utility and flexibility of users’ staked assets within the broader ecosystem.

Governance by Proxy: Quicksilver empowers users to delegate to any validator of their choice while retaining voting rights through the Governance by Proxy feature. This ensures a user-friendly experience without compromising on the fundamental principles of chain security and decentralization.

Seamless Scaling: Quicksilver isn’t bound to a single chain. Its design allows seamless scaling to any IBC-connected chain, offering users flexibility and choice in their delegation strategies. This flexibility ensures a smooth user experience while enhancing the protocol’s overall adaptability.

Empowering Users: At its core, Quicksilver empowers users, providing a frictionless UX while upholding the principles of chain security and decentralization. The protocol contributes to the growth and evolution of the Interchain ecosystem, offering innovative solutions for the community.

Stay tuned for more updates as Quicksilver continues to revolutionize liquid staking and empower users within the Interchain ecosystem! 🌐🚀 #QuicksilverRevolution #InterchainInnovation