Enhancing the Developer Experience with the Ultimate Cosmos zk-Rollup Framework!

3 min readMay 16, 2024


Hello developers and blockchain enthusiasts! Have you ever felt frustrated with the complexities of developing zk-rollups? Well, it’s time to meet Airchains, a Cosmos-based zk-rollup framework designed to enhance the developer experience. Let’s dive deeper!

Explore Airchains Modular Architecture

Airchains offers an advanced modular architecture. Imagine a system with decentralized sequencers for transaction ordering, flexible data availability layers, efficient ZK proof provers, and a robust settlement layer built on Cosmos SDK for secure finality. All these elements work harmoniously to provide an exceptional development experience.

Airchains Instant zk-Settlement Layer

Imagine a world where zk transactions are settled instantly, securely, and reliably across multiple zk-rollups. This is what the Airchains Instant zk-Settlement Layer offers. With this layer, interoperability becomes seamless, and development efficiency drastically improves.

Who is Airchains for? 🌐

Airchains is designed for various stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem:
- zk developers building scalable solutions
- Projects focused on privacy-preserving dApps
- Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions

Join us in shaping the future of zk in blockchain!

Plug into Airchains: A Developer’s Guide

Want to know how to get started with Airchains? Here’s the guide:
- Integrate your zk-rollup with our modular architecture.
- Choose from diverse data layers and provers.
- Leverage our settlement layer for secure finality.
- Access comprehensive tools and libraries for seamless development.

zk-Rollup Transaction Flow 🔄

Here’s how the zk-rollup transaction flow works in Airchains:
➡️ Users submit transactions to the mempool.
➡️ Consensus collects and sequences transactions.
➡️ Sequencer batches are validated via zk-Proofs for blockchain finalization.
This process is efficient, secure, and scalable!

The zk-Rollup Transaction Journey Continues 🔗

Let’s look at the next steps:
➡️ Sequencer batches transactions.
➡️ ZK Prover generates proofs.
➡️ Sequencer initiates and verifies VRN for top-notch security.
This process ensures trustworthy and streamlined transactions!

Final Steps in zk-Rollup Transaction Flow

In the final steps:
➡️ The selected Sequencer submits zk Proof to the Airchains Settlement Layer and sends the batch to DA Layers.
➡️ Sequencer verifies proof, securing, and finalizing transactions.
Every step is filled with efficiency and trust!

That’s a glimpse of how Airchains can revolutionize zk-rollup development. With all these advanced features, we can develop applications that are more secure, efficient, and accessible. So, what are you waiting for? Join Airchains and create a better blockchain future!